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The C.G. Jung Society oF Colorado

Spring 2019 Lecture Series

Please note our location and format: Park Hill United Church of Christ, 2600 Leyden Street, Denver, CO 80207; Social and refreshment time will be 6:30-7:15p.m., followed by lecture and discussion.

Cost: free to members,  $15 at the door,

$10 students and seniors


Questions of Race & Diversity: Jung Then & Now

a panel discussion with Christine Chao, Pepe Santana and  Lara Newton

February 1st, 2019 at 7:15 p.m.

This interactive panel will contain both brief presentations by the panelists and open questions/discussion with the audience. We intend to look at such topics as: what does the Jungian approach offer to questions of race and diversity that trouble our culture currently, why have Jungian communities tended to be so ethnically and culturally narrow in the U.S., what do we know or perceive as Jung’s relation to these issues in his time? These are big topics, and our hope is to begin a dialogue that can be ongoing within our Jungian community. 

Chris Chao, Ph.D., is a Senior  Jungian Analyst in private practice in Denver. She is the Director of Admissions for the C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado.

Pepe Santana, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Denver, Colorado. He has studied Jungian Psychology for many years. 

Lara Newton, M.A., is a Senior Jungian Analyst in private practice in Denver. She is Director of Training for the C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado and President of the Jung Society of Colorado.     

Attention and Self-Blessing in a Fractured World 

a lecture by Lois Vanderkooi

 March 1st, 2019 at 7:15 p.m.  

Facts: Fossil fuel development and use are fracturing communities and threatening health and safety. Climate scientists tell us that we have at most a dozen years to drastically reduce use of fossil fuels in order to avert extreme devastation to life as we know it. Using Jungian, neurobiological, Mindfulness Self Compassion research and practices, we will probe some of the psychological and sociological dynamics playing out among us. We will look at the difficulty of letting go of destructive habits and of adopting wholesome behaviors and attitudes both societally and individually.

With poems from Mary Oliver, Wendell Berry, Galway Kinnell, Hafiz, and others, as well as personal stories, we will experientially explore “paying attention” and being blessed as antidotes to fear and the strong shadows of the entitled and  aggressive energies that disconnect us from mother earth and each other.

Lois Vanderkooi, a psychologist and social activist in Broomfield. She is a Board member of the C.G. Jung Society of Colorado. In 1980, Jung’s autobiography resonated so deeply with her that she left a lawyer-sociologist career to pursue Jungian analysis and studies. She  received a doctorate in psychology and also trained in Somatic Experiencing trauma work, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and Biodynamic Cranial-Sacral Therapy. Lois is interested in the integration of body, mind, and spirit individually and in relationships through cultivation of mindfulness and non-violence.

The Agony of Integration and the Blessings of Finitude

a lecture by Ann Ulanov

April 12th, 2019 at 7:15 p.m.

**April 13thworkshop9 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Cost: $75 for members, $90 for non-members

Becoming more whole in the process of individuation is a goal of Jungian analysis, indeed, also of living. What is less noticed is the agony of integrating bits and pieces of what has been left out in our developing, due to trauma both acute and cumulative, to harsh blows of fate like war, illness, poverty. The process of integrating goes on until we die. Why would we engage this pain? Because something in our psyche addressesus, confronts us; because our neighbor calls us, humbles us. Finitude offers us limits, specific forms and choices in which to live the verve of our growing, the chance to perceive what we particularly contribute to the whole of shared existence with others.

(April 13 workshop is titled, Trauma: Suffering and Transcendence.)

Ann Belford Ulanov, M.Div., Ph.D., L.H.D. is a Jungian analyst in private practice In New York City, Christiane Brooks Johnson Professor Emerita of Psychology and Religion at Union Theological Seminary, and member of the Editorial Advisory Board of The Journal of Analytical Psychology. She co-authored books with her late husband Barry Ulanov, among which are Cinderella and Her Sisters: The Envied and the Envying, and Transforming Sexuality: The Archetypal World of Anima and Animus, as well as authoring many books on her own that include Madness & Creativity, The Unshuttered Heart, Knots and Their Untying, and Psychoid, Soul and Psyche: Piercing Space/ Time Barriers. She is recipient of three honorary degrees and numerous awards among which are the Oscar Pfister Award from the American Association of Psychiatry, the Gradiva award for her book Finding Space: Winnicott, God and Psychic Reality.

Survival in a Patriarchal Society

a lecture by Mark Palmer

May 10th, 2019 at 7:15 p.m.

In this talk Dr. Mark Palmer will present the latest results of his studies into the nature of a patriarchal society and its effect on individual psychological development which C. G. Jung called “individuation.”  He will provide a working  definition and identifying features of the psychological “patriarch” as it might appear in myth and dreams, as well as  in our everyday experiences.  As a powerful psychological element, the “patriarch” can help or inhibit personal growth, individual freedom, and a relationship with the Self. Mark will discuss how the introduction of Eros or love may transform a one-sided, masculine patriarchy by inviting the re-introduction of the feminine principle. It is his hope that this presentation will invite us to draw our own conclusions as to the role of the “patriarch” in our lives.

 Mark T. Palmer, Ph.D., is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and a Diplomate Jungian Analyst in private practice in Denver.  Mark’s interest in the symbolic and psychological importance of the patriarchy in the lives of individuals and societies dates back many years. He is a graduate of the C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado, and he recently completed a thesis titled: “The Father Archetype, the Patriarch, and Individuation.”

How to Get to Our Lectures

All lectures will be held at the Park Hill United Church of Christ, at 2600 Leyden Street, on the northeast corner of 26th Avenue and Leyden Street. The entrance to the sanctuary, where the lectures are held, is on Leyden Street just north of the Montessori playground.

There is plenty of parking available on Leyden Street and 26thAvenue. The sanctuary entrance is on one level and handicapped accessible.

Our sister group, The C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado is now in their seventh year as an official Training Society of the IAAP. Please check out their news and programming at

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Lecture and Workshop Series!

The Jung Society is a non-profit group that presents lectures on Jungian psychology and related topics to the public. Our subscriptions are somewhat like tuition for a year of school, in that each membership lasts from September to June.

At this time, we are happy to offer a half-price membership for the spring semester. By becoming a member, you are admitted to the lectures without an additional fee, and to the workshop at a reduced price, which is a great savings over purchasing separate admissions at the door.


 The C.G. Jung Society of Colorado Presents Andean Shamanism in Tradition and Practice


A workshop with Deborah Bryon 

May 12th, 2018 from 9:30a.m. to 4p.m.

Cost: $60 for members, $75 for non-members,

$85 at the door

The workshop will provide information on Andean  ritual and cosmology, as well as on the practice of Incan tradition as a powerful spiritual path. We will create a despacaho fire offering building and learn about the Andean medicine body or mesa. In addition, we will call sacred space with pachamama (mother earth) and the apus mountains experientially through meditation. The workshops will provide a combination of didactic and experiential work.

Deborah Bryon, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and senior Jungian Analyst in Denver, CO. She is also an artist member of Spark Gallery. Deborah has written books on the Inca Shamans,receives ongoing in-depth training with Q’ero shamans in Peru and has undergone a series of sacred initiations with them.

For further information, please contact The C.G. Jung Society of Colorado at

(303) 575-1055; or go to

Spring 2014 Lectures

Join us for an exciting Spring 2014 Lecture schedule. All lectures are located at:

First Divine Science Church,
14th Ave. and Williams St.
Cost: free to members,  $15 at the door,
$10 students and seniors

The Soul in Hell and its Liberation: Reflections on Clinical Depression in Light of Dante’s Divine Comedy
a lecture by Donald Kalsched : January 31st, 2014 at 7 p.m.

Trauma survivors often report that their lives are a “living Hell.”  This pathological situation is created by the psyche’s archetypal defenses and their depressive power over what one psychoanalyst called “the lost heart of the self.” Psychotherapy of this condition involves what the medieval theologians called a “Descendit ad Inferos“–a harrowing descent into the “under-world” to confront the un-remembered pain of the patient’s early life.  Dante’s Divine Comedy gives us a beautiful literary example of such a descent as Dante and his guide Virgil journey together into the realm of the “dark Lord” of Hades. In this slide-illustrated lecture Dr. Kalsched will show how depth psychotherapy in conjunction with affective neuro-science, and the findings of attachment theory all lead toward answers of the central question posed by both the clinical and literary material, vis.  how can the otherwise sealed crypt of Hell be opened and its occupants liberated?

Donald Kalsched, Ph.D. is a Jungian Analyst and clinical psychologist who practices in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is a member of the C. G. Jung Institute of Santa Fe and the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts and lectures internationally on the subject of trauma. His most recent book is Trauma and the Soul: A Psycho-spiritual Approach to Human Development and its Interruption. He and his wife live in Albuquerque during the winter, and summer in Newfoundland, Canada.             

UFOs and the Emergence of the Cosmic Psyche
a lecture by Bernice Hill : February 28th, 2014 at 7 p.m.

Bernice Hill describes in her recently published book how she was drawn to explore the mysteries of UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation. The uninvited “allure” of this strange field was originally stirred by the dreams, and stories of her clients. The consistent message she heard was of ETs concern for our Earth which paralleled her own deep worry, which began much earlier when she worked in the Canadian Department of Defense studying the damaging effects of atomic radiation on living cells. A series of synchronicities deepened her adventure when at a UFO gathering she met a shaman sent out by the New Zealand grandmothers. They spoke of their ancient Prophecy in which we had entered the time of  “the great Purification.” Bernice felt “called” to take circles of women on pilgrimage to Peru, New Zealand, and Egypt. In her talk she will look at the larger UFO/ET picture through the lens of Jungian psychology.

Bernice Hill, Ph.D. is a Jungian Analyst in private practice for over thirty years in Boulder, Colorado. She is a senior training analyst with the C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado and a member of the International Association for Analytic Psychology. For many years she facilitated workshops based on the Holotropic Breathwork of Stan and Christina Grof. Her recently published book is “Emergence of the Cosmic Psyche: UFOs/ETs from the Perspective of Depth Psychology (Available through Amazon).

Inisfáil: Island of Destiny
a presentation by Clare Muireann Murphy : April 4th, 2014 at 7 p.m.

Workshop: April 5th, 2014, 10 am to 4:30 pm

Workshop cost: $75, $65 for members

Upon arrival at Inisfáil, the Irish gods burned their boats so they could never leave the island of their destiny. They fought fiercely against foes and prophecies to keep their land for themselves. Kings fall, battles rage and prophecies are fulfilled in this epic telling of the Mythological Cycle of tales from Irish Mythology.

Workshop: INTRODUCTION TO STORYTELLING: The art of powerful speaking (contact us for more details).

Clare Muireann Murphy is an international performer, storyteller, writer, public speaker and curiosist. She teaches at universities around the U.S. and Canada. She has played the Globe, Soho and Barbican Theatres, London. She is a regular panelist at the Conference of World Affairs, CU Boulder. Clare is a member of Talking Skull Ensemble, Storytelling Collective. She currently studies under Abbi Patrix, Maison du Contes, Paris. She lives in London, and works around Europe and the Americas.

Cosmic Affinities
a lecture by Jeffrey Kiehl : May 2nd, 2014 at 7 p.m.

“… wholeness … has always been characterized by certain cosmic affinities: the individual soul was thought to be of ‘heavenly’ origin, a particle of the world soul, and hence a microcosm, a reflection of the macrocosm.”

C.G. Jung (CW 10, par. 635)

Jung spent much of his career working with people who ultimately sought a sense of meaning in life. In today’s world of technological speed and parallel processing people search even more so for a felt sense of meaning in their lives. The age-old concept of cosmic affinity, in which we as individuals are connected to the cosmos, is central to finding a sense of being in this world. This presentation explores how our search for meaning evolved through the ages and the psychological implications of this development. Using images and Jung’s works we will explore our evolving cosmic affinities and how to create a deeper sense of meaning in life.

Jeffrey Kiehl, Ph.D., M.A., LPC is a Diplomate Jungian Analyst with a private practice in Boulder, Colorado. He is Vice-President of the C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado, a member of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts, and the International Association for Analytical Psychology. Over the past fifteen years, Jeffrey has lectured and given workshops both nationally and internationally on topics including: Jungian ecopsychology, film interpretation and alchemy.

Spring 2013 Lectures

Spring 2013 Lectures

Join us for an exciting Spring 2013 Lecture schedule. We are excited to have distinguished speakers David Schoen, Thordis Niela Simonsen, Margaret Dozier, and Laurel Howe presenting this spring. Below are details about each lecture. All lectures are located at:

First Divine Science Church,
14th Ave. and Williams St.
Cost: free to members,  $15 at the door,
$10 students and seniors

The War of the Gods in Addiction

Lecture by David Schoen
February 1st, 2013 at 7 p.m.

David Schoen will present an overview of the psychodynamics of addiction, treatment and recovery through the dual lenses of the 12 steps of AA and Jungian psychology. This will be based on the famous correspondence between Bill W. (cofounder of AA) and C.G. Jung. He will describe the development of a typical addiction, its true nature, the importance of archetypal shadow/archetypal evil in the addiction process and why the principles of the 12 steps of AA are the most effective treatment approach in addressing an addiction. This lecture is relevant for individuals interested in Jungian psychology, alcoholism and addiction dynamics, recovery, and the existence of archetypal shadow/archetypal evil in our world.

David Schoen, LCSW, MSSW, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Jungian Analyst practicing in Covington, Louisiana, near New Orleans. He has a background as an alcoholism chemical dependency counselor. He is a senior analyst in the Inter Regional Society of Jungian Analysts, cofounder and coordinator of the New Orleans Jungian Training Seminar. David lectures nationally and is a Louisiana poet. His books include Divine Tempest: The Hurricane as a Psychic Phenomenon and The War of the Gods in Addiction: C.G. Jung, Alcoholics Anonymous and Archetypal Evil.

Building on Memory: a multimedia presentation

By Thordis Niela Simonsen
March 1st, 2013 at 7 p.m. 

In Jung & the Story of Our Time, biographer Laurens van der Post observes, “…the art of writing, indeed all art, [is] a continuation by one’s waking daylight self of a process begun in some dreaming process in the darkness of sleep.” In her multi-media program, writer/artist Simonsen reveals the role that dream and memory have played in her own individuation. Simonsen sets recollections of a 1950’s Lake Erie childhood against a backdrop of biographical photographs taken by her father. She sets explorations of her life-altering relationship with her adopted Greek village – and the abandoned house she restores there by hand – against a backdrop of her color photographs. And she sets reflections upon her lifelong effort “to kindle a light in the darkness” against a backdrop of her arresting paintings. The program integrates what Jungian analyst June Singer calls the inward and outward movements by which one discovers who she is and her place in the world.

Thordis Niela Simonsen, a Denverite, began painting in 1988 with a Jungian art therapist. Her third book, Dances in Two Worlds: A Writer-Artist’s Backstory, won the 2012 Colorado Book Award. Simonsen hosts Astra Writing in Greece for women writers who like to travel.

A Candle for Medusa:
of a Myth  

Lecture by Margaret Dozier
April 12th, 2013 at 7 p.m.

Workshop: April 13th, 2013, 10 am to 3 pm

Cost: $60 members, $75 non-members

Collective tales are stories that transmit archetypal ideas and images. There are many ways to approach collective tales. Marie Louise von Franz outlined objective techniques for fairy tale interpretation, which are also useful with myth and legend. Yet sometimes an objective exploration is not enough. A certain tale begins to captivate, to become numinous. We dream the tale. Aspects of the tale creep or explode into our consciousness at unexpected times. We may suffer physical or emotional difficulties that echo elements in the tale. When threatened by such captivation, there may be wisdom in circumambulation.

When we circumambulate a myth, we live and communicate with it; we let it communicate with us; we walk around it; we look into its depths; we allow it to inform. Medusa and her story have captivated me for over ten years now. In this lecture I will share with you my experience of circumambulating Her story.

Workshop: “Cupid and Psyche: Evolution of Love.” In our Saturday workshop on the myth of CUPID AND PSYCHE, we shall explore two of the greatest mysteries of life: Love and the Individuation Process. [Contact us for details.]

Dr. Dozier is a Jungian analyst practicing in Alabama since 2001. She graduated from the C. G. Jung Institute, Zurich. She is on the faculty of the New Orleans Jungian Seminar, and is a member of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts (IRSJA). Dr. Dozier has lectured in Switzerland, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas and Colorado. She obtained her M.D. at USA College of Medicine in Mobile, Alabama. 

Mary Magdalen: Realizing Lover of the Dying and Resurrected God-Man

Lecture by Laurel Howe
May 10th, 2013 at 7 p.m.

 Like Isis and Inanna, Mary Magdalen mourns the death of the god she loves, and participates in his renewal. Through her intense feeling experience of personal and spiritual love, she represents the feminine side of the death and resurrection phenomenon and plays a realizing role in the humanization of the god-image and likewise individuation.

Judeo-Christian fathers excluded any sign in their orthodoxy that Yahweh or Christ may have had love partners, but archaeological evidence and Gnostic texts point to the possibility that they did. Thanks to C.G. Jung, today we can re-consider the role of the Eros principle split off from our god-image and explore the recent popularity of Mary Magdalen as Holy Grail, vessel of Christ’s child, and her role in Gnostic, Christian and alchemical traditions. Her ongoing presence reflects the psychological yearning for the divine feminine-masculine partnership to be realized again in humanity.

Laurel HoweM.A., is a Diplomate Analyst trained at the Center for Research and Training in Depth Psychology in Zürich, and a teaching member of Sandplay Therapists of America. She practices Jungian analysis and sandplay at her private office in Denver, working with children and adults. She teaches and lectures internationally on sandplay, alchemy, and the pre- and post-Biblical development of the divine syzygy