The C.G. Jung Society of Colorado was founded in 1976 with the blessing of F. Baumann-Jung, Carl Jung’s daughter. At that time there were no other forums in Colorado for exploring Jung’s work, and the Jung Society helped fill a need for many people who were (as Linda Leonard and Wallace Clift then wrote) “interested in the Jungian concept of individuation and in serious discussion of the importance of Jung’s contributions to [an understanding of] modern man’s problems.”

These days, Colorado is home to over a dozen Jungian analysts, and to the C. G. Jung Institute of Colorado, the “local branch office” of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts. Colorado’s analyst group includes many authors and artists, all of whom present lectures for the Jung Society from time to time.  There is a second Jung Society in Colorado Springs, and a third, the “Boulder Friends of Jung” that just formed in the spring of 2006. There are also many other practitioners, teachers, and ministers who incorporate Jungian concepts into their work.

These developments are, perhaps, the fruits of the labors of the first members of the Jung Society of Colorado so long ago. That work continues today with the Jung Society’s on-going, regular presentations of local speakers and lecturers from all over the world.

Lara Newton has been president of the Jung Society of Colorado for ten years now.  This office was previously held by Eleanor Alden, Don Hughes, and Wallace and Jean Clift, who were also the founders with Linda Leonard.  While remaining mindful of “the importance of Jung’s contributions to the understanding of modern man’s problems,” Lara and our other Board members also hope to honor the on-going contributions to analytical psychology, which keep it so vital in the 21st century, with the enthusiasm and joy that have come to be a part of our gatherings over the years.  On this anniversary, we welcome your participation in the spirit of the correspondence between Linda Leonard, Wallace Clift and F. Baumann Jung, thirty years ago.