Upcoming lecture, “Modern Mythology: Archetypal Expression in Star Trek”


Please note our location and our format:

Park Hill United Church of Christ,   2600 Leyden Street, Denver, CO 80207  
The social and refreshment time is at 6:30-7:15p.m.,   followed  by lecture and discussion.
Cost: free to members,  $15 at the door,
$10 students and seniors

Modern Mythology: Archetypal Expressions in Star Trek
a lecture by Sharon Coggan
November 2nd, 2018 at 7:30 p.m.*
*Please note the slightly later start!
There is a Fair Trade Gift Market in the Narthex of the church until 7pm that day, so we will be “opening our doors” at 7 and beginning the program at 7:30!

Echoing Jung, Joseph Campbell said mythologies need to be in synch with their host societies. Our ruling myths, or “sacred stories” carried in our religions, are 2000 years out of date with our modern experience. But cultures will always produce authentic new mythologies. In our day, it is science fiction that fascinates so many moderns. The immense popularity of the Star Wars saga, and the Star Trek series, speaks to the authentic nature of these modern myths.

This talk will explore some of Star Trek’s rich mythic themes from the half-human/half Vulcan master of science and logic, Mr. Spock, to the leadership of Captains Kirk, Picard, Sisco and Janeway. The myth of the Hero’s Journey acts as the backbone of the whole saga. Other archetypal themes include the embrace of the shadow, and anima/animus expressions:  all as seen through the lens of the amazing and multiform Star Trek universe.

Sharon L. Coggan, Ph.D. was educated at the University of Denver, Harvard Divinity School, Stanford University, and Syracuse University.  She is the Director of the Religious Studies Program at University of Colorado Denver, a program she created. She offers a range of classes on religion: World Religions, Concepts of the Soul, Concepts of God, Death and Afterlife, Mysticism, Eastern Thought, Myth and Symbol, Classical Mythology, Perspectives on Dream Analysis, and the Hero’s Journey.


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