Lecture Archive: Spring 2011

Feb. 11th, 2011 at 7
Creation Myths: The Christian Creation Tapestry of Gerona
a lecture by Hansueli Etter

In the cathedral of Gerona (Catalonia, Spain) hangs a large fragment of the most ancient tapestry in Europe. It depicts a unique interpretation of the Genesis-based creation story. It was probably created at the end of the 11th century and includes pagan, Jewish and Islamic influences. Dr. Etter’s psychological work with this tapestry, which has included extensive active imagination, led to a completion of the missing parts. In his presentation, he will share with us the completed tapestry, which is a mandala. It speaks of creativity that arises within the centre and finds completion in man’s daily effort. The astonishing appearance of two scenes from Samson’s life reveals to us the importance of the development of Eros in our creative work. Part of the tapestry depicts the legend of the Holy Cross, showing us how the development of consciousness is a journey of suffering and sacrifice.

Hansueli F. Etter has a Ph.D in Anthropology from the University of Zürich and lectures at the University of Basel. While working on archaeological excavations, he studied at the Jung Institute -Zurich, graduating in 1982. He has a private practice in Zürich, is the President of the Foundation of Jungian Psychology and a founding member of the Research and Training Centre in Depth Psychology according to C. G. Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz.

March 4th, 2011 at 7 p.m.

From the Realm of the Shadow: A Musical Journey Through the Collective Unconscious a lecture by Chris Mohr with slides, music and dance

After barely rescuing a girl from a gang-rape and almost being overwhelmed by an eruption of violence from the unconscious, 19 year old Chris Mohr decided to use his composing art as a vehicle to meet his own “shadow.” He had just learned about Jung in a psychology class and knew only enough to feel a deep resonance with both the archetype as a living force in the psyche and the shadow as a vast uncharted realm. His musical and psychological exploration of both led to a life-transforming discovery.

The music echoes a wide range of classical and world music styles performed by the National Symphony Choir and Orchestra of Ukraine, and folk/electronic/ethnic instruments create the impression that the full range of human experience is being embraced. Emphasis will be on the Jungian elements of this music drama, bringing to life the archetypes and shadow elements in this long musical journey with musical examples, a slide show, and a live performance of the final scene by Eva Cernik.

Chris Mohr is a nondenominational minister, owner of Foothills Wedding Chapel, and a prison volunteer working closely with violent criminals. He is the former editor/publisher of On The Air Magazine, an opera host on KGNU Radio, and a composer. From The Realm Of The Shadow was recorded in the Ukraine for Naxos Records and has received rave reviews from Stanislav Grof, Jacquelyn Small, Wendy Carlos (of Switched On Bach) and many more.

April 1st, 2011 at 7 p.m.

Chaos and Dissolution: An Unbearable State of Being a lecture by Puddi Kullberg
Have you ever reached out for something heart wrenchingly lovely only to have it ripped from your outstretched fingertips? Like Persephone you have reached to pluck something exquisitely beautiful and fragrant, only to have all hell break loose as you make contact. What you want most you cannot have. Hades and his black steeds emerge from the underworld and drag you down to hell. A day that started out in sunlight, companionship, warmth and love ends in darkness, terror, isolation and despair.

How does one make sense of the chaotic state of body, mind and soul that experiences like Persephone’s engender? And what if you have the crazy idea that you would like to reach out for that narcissus flower again? Aren’t you then in jeopardy of annihilation?

This presentation focuses on the phenomenon of psychotic anxiety – a terrible witch’s brew of confused, disordered emotions and fear. Via narrative, fairy tale, myth and alchemy we will explore this sometimes-terrifying ground.

The possibility of healing will also be examined. Persephone did emerge from her ordeal, no longer an innocent maiden, but remarkably a regal Consort of Hades, Queen of the Underworld.

Puddi Kullberg is a psychotherapist in Colorado Springs and Denver, and an advanced training candidate with the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts. This presentation focuses on an aspect of the thesis she is currently writing for her final training requirements, which explores the trauma of psychotic anxiety.

May 6th, 2011 at 7 p.m.

The Ally Revisited a lecture by Jeffrey Raff

About thirty years ago I began teaching about the “ally,” a spiritual being that embodies the Divinity in a unique individual form. Among other things I argued that every person has an ally with whom to partner, and that this partnership enables both human and ally to individuate and transform. I have also argued that the ally is an autonomous being independent of the human psyche. After more than forty years of living with an ally, it seems like a good time to take stock of some of the central ideas I have developed over the years and see which remain valid and which might need modification. I plan to review the main features of the ally I have outlined in my books in light of my own recent experiences as well as my continuing work with others. Both beginners in ally work as well as those with more experience should find the lecture of interest.

Dr. Jeffrey Raff has been in private practice as a Jungian Analyst in the Denver area for 34 years. He is the author of four books, including Jung and the Alchemical Imagination, and numerous articles. He has given classes and seminars on the ally and related topics all over the country.